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Jan Reha, Career Discovery interviews Linne Pullar, Power up your Cover Letters

Jan Reha, Career Discovery interviews Linné Pullar, PPullar Productions - Power up your Cover Letters


In this first segment of three videos, I am interviewing a former client of mine, Linné Pullar.  Linne’ demonstrates the reality that people may undergo several career transitions in a lifetime. With my assistance she moved from being a programmer at Microsoft to becoming a one of their trainers. Her next more challenging move was to develop her own business, Pullar Productions. In the next video she will share her first publication, power up your cover letters.

Check out how Linné can help you write cover letters that catch the eye of your next employer.


Jan Reha and Kary York Outline the Steps in the Interview Process

In this segment Jan Reha, Career Discovery and Kary York, Insurance Resourcing Insurance Resourcing, discuss the Various Stages of the Interview Process.

The Phone Interview is the first step in the interview process. Make sure the interview is scheduled for a time that works for you.  This first interview involves basic knock out questions.  Understand that this stage is used for screening and may not be affiliated with the company.

The next phase is the ‘Face to Face’ interview.  Before walking through the door, get a clear understanding of their interview process. Finding someone who has previously interviewed with this company is helpful.  Make sure you know who you will be meeting with. Research the interviewer to know the employee’s title and their role in the company. Keep in mind that you will be meeting with multiple people throughout the interview process, so treat each…

Jan Reha and Kary York Describe How to Research the Job Market to Win the Interview

Interview Tips with Jan Reha, Career Discovery and Kary York, Insurance Resourcing

In this video Jan Reha and Kary York discuss how to research job market to win the interview.

Research is one of the most important actions in preparing for the job interview.  Ultimately, researching the company and job market will make you more comfortable and confident in the interview process.

First, look at the company you are interviewing for.  Get a clear understanding about who they are as an organization and what they do. Researching the company’s website will give insight to their services or products, the scale of their business, and target audience. Taking a look at their 5 year history will reveal their cycle as well as their current position in the market place.

Next phase, look at yourself. Focus on what you do and how that fits into the type of employee they are looking for. A clear understanding…

Jan Reha & Kary York Review Top Recruiter Pet-peeves

In this segment Jan Reha, Career Discovery and Kary York - Insurance Resourcing, Insurance Resourcing discuss the “Top Pet Peeves Recruiters have During an Interview.

Pet Peeve #1: Lack of Interview Preparation and Company Research
Often times, the candidate rambles and does not answer the question directly. When answering questions, focus on short and concise responses. Be ready to answer common interview questions. To prepare for common questions, visit Kary York’s Top 10 Interview Questions Video Blog.

Pet Peeve #2: Be Prepared with Multiple Copies of your Resume
The interviewer will refer to your resume and ask questions regarding your skills and previous employment. Kary York says…

Jan Reha and Kary York Describe How to Follow Up on Job Interviews

In this segment Jan Reha, Career Discovery and Kary York, Insurance Resourcing discuss how to follow for job interviews.

Schedule a timeline for your follow up process. A thank you note, whether it be a card or email, should be sent as soon as possible. A phone call to thank the interviewer or point of contact should be conducted no later than a week following the interview.

When composing the note, thank the interviewer for their time and reflect back to the actual interview. Tie the follow up with a conversation you had and reiterate a point in the interview that went well. Take this opportunity to go over anything that you might have missed during the actual interview.

When you follow up, remember that you are always trying to advance to the next process. Be mindful of which phase you are in and try to advance past that. The objective is to review the highlights of the interview…

"I was immediately impressed by Jan. After going through the Dot-Bomb, I knew that I needed to make a career change and that I needed an experienced guide to help choose the right path. Jan's extensive professional credentials -- including her successful track record -- along with her caring, tough-love approach made it a pleasure to work with her. By interpreting standardized aptitude tests, providing counseling, and directing me to conduct career research, Jan helped me to quickly focus on a profession where I can thrive. As a result, Jan has helped me to get on a new and more successful career path. Thanks, Jan! ."--Graham, 41, Seattle

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