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How to Make High College Costs Worth Your Investment - Advice from Seattle/Bellevue Career Counselor

Are you a student or planning to be a student in one of the Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Bothell or Tacoma colleges?

You may have read the following report published in the New York Times on October 20, 2009 that states college costs continue to rise. 

According to the report the annual cost of college tuition and fees at four-year public colleges rose 6.5 percent from last year to $7,020.  Including room and board, the average total college cost is $15,213 for a year.

I am a career counselor in the Seattle and Bellevue area with over 30 years of experience helping people gain the best return on their college investment.  Currently, I am counseling several clients who are in different stages of career and educational planning. 

One of my clients is a 42 year old male who wants to have a specific career goal prior to returning to graduate school.  Another client is a young woman who recently graduated from college but has been unable to find a job that fit her educational background. Another of my client’s…

Research Job Market While Investing in Education, Career Counselor, Seattle, Bellevue, WA

Investing thousands of dollars in a college education without researching the job market is like jumping in a swimming pool without first being sure it is full of water. Yet, many students go off to college without deciding what they want to do with their education. For those who want to graduate college and find a good job, the time spent in job market research will pay off with the increased likelihood of a good starting salary.

Here are 10 job-hunting tips that will facilitate your entry into the current competitive job market:

1. Employ a career counselor to help identify interests, motivations, inclinations, natural talents, aptitudes, learning styles, personality traits and style, and identifying the best job

2. Identify several career options and determine the availability of jobs within the industries.

3. Conduct informational interviews with people in your career choices and check out professional organizations to research current job market information.

4. Join professional organizations and networks to develop contacts. 

5. Become Internet savvy — create…

Top Internship Tips that Lead to Jobs - Strategies from a Career Counselor (Seattle, Bellevue, WA)

Internships provide excellent access to employment for all college students.  Targeted internships help to bridge the gap from college graduation to your first full time job.

Recently Penny Loretto a writer for points out Five Tips for Find Summer Internships during Spring Break.  Ms. Loretto advises to research internship opportunities through your colleges.

Another good resource about the value of internships is posted on the University of California, Santa Barbara Career Services site: .

You will increase your chances of obtaining a job of your choice through your internship by following these steps.

1)  First identify your career goal based upon your interests, skills, personality traits and values.  You want a job/internship to fit you.

2)  Determine the major industries in the location of your choice.  Each metropolitan…

Young Adults who have Benefited from Career Counseling (Seattle, Bellevue, WA)

Following are several successful outcomes of young clients who engaged in my Career Assessment and Planning Program for Young Adults.

Young Client with a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

Jamie, fictious name, was in her mid to late twenties and wanted to pursue a career that offered her more challenges and opportunities. Through hard work and on her merits, Jamie obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies at the University of Washington. While attending college, she worked full time in a clerical position at a city municipality. After graduation, she attempted to find other positions that offered her more advancement opportunities. However her lack of specific, concrete skills prevented her from moving forward. Jamie came to my office recognizing that she needed more specialized training and skills to offer a future employer. She was also willing to pursue further training while working in her present job.

Young Client with a Bachelor in Liberal Arts

At the same time, I also counseled a younger woman who had obtained another general degree from a state college. I will refer to her as Michelle. Unable to find a full time position, she…

Research the Job Market before Going Back to School

Many people return to school during tough economic times to upgrade their skills with the hope of obtaining a job. However, completing a training certificate or educational program does not necessarily guarantee a job or career. Unfortunately many of the current training programs or college degrees do not develop essential skills for the current job market. Often many of the programs may lead to jobs that pay minimally or offer only part time employment.

Prior to entry into any training or college program,  a thorough job market research will provide with valuable information about the benefits of a program.  Following are steps for researching the job market prior to enrolling into a program. Follow these steps to save your time and money.

Take for example the occupation of Medical Assistant. The Medical Assistant program is offered at many local area community colleges.  The following steps outline how to conduct a thorough search using this occupation as an example.

Step One: Check job listings at the local hospitals and medical clinics to discover if these jobs are posted. Also note what qualifications are required.

"I frequently tell my clients and students to keep opening up doors--you never know what may be on the other side. Below is my personal story, which illustrates how the doors I opened in my life led to a satisfying and successful career." - Janice E. Reha

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