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It Takes More Than a College Degree to Get a Job

Our world is changing rapidly with economic upheaval, a shift to a global job market and the largest number of unemployed people in decades. Why then, do parents continue to spend thousands of dollars providing their children with a college education without a focused end goal in sight?

Too many people graduate college with only the vague sense of wanting to have a successful career. This lack of passion, commitment or interest in a specific field will not make potential employers pay attention to them. It reminds me of that line from “Any Road” released in 2002 by from former Beatle George Harrison:
If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

Parents must shift their thinking from their experience of finding a good job to the new reality. Gone are the days when a college degree in any subject gives young adults instant entry to satisfying careers. Gone, too, are the days when employers will provide additional training to college graduates in order for them to qualify for their jobs. Why should they when there are many experienced Americans and foreign nationals with the skills they need standing…

A New Era Deserves a New Career and Educational Model

Three decades ago, the United States was at the tail end of the Manufacturing Age.  During a portion of that time many people worked or aspired to work in one company for the duration of their careers.  Thirty years ago, life planning was simple and much more defined in linear terms.  In 1978, Richard Bolles defined life planning in his popular book, Three Boxes of Life in terms of education, work, and retirement.  Even in 1978 he pointed out that these boundaries were becoming blurred.

Today, the United States participates in the Global Age.  Technology has produced or changed many careers.  People change jobs seven to nine times in a lifetime do to restructuring, technology, and economic concerns.  The United States has moved from a more predictable, consistent workplace to one that is constantly forming, dismantling, and reforming to compete internationally.  Yet 30 years later, we still want to resort to the same traditional linear mindset in planning education and careers.

To succeed in our dynamic workplace, a more integrative and holistic model must be employed.  The Global job market requires…

"I was going through so much trauma and Jan was very supportive emotionally and personally. She did all of the career and personality testing to identify my interests. She looked at my family's career background. Then she identified the jobs that fit my interests and my background. She is aware of what is going in the workforce and of the demand for jobs. She kept me motivated and looking to the future, guiding me to immediately take classes at the community college and to start thinking about working for temp agencies that hire for the companies I would eventually be interested in working for." -Valerie, 43, Renton;

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