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A New Era Deserves a New Career and Educational Model

Three decades ago, the United States was at the tail end of the Manufacturing Age.  During a portion of that time many people worked or aspired to work in one company for the duration of their careers.  Thirty years ago, life planning was simple and much more defined in linear terms.  In 1978, Richard Bolles defined life planning in his popular book, Three Boxes of Life in terms of education, work, and retirement.  Even in 1978 he pointed out that these boundaries were becoming blurred.

Today, the United States participates in the Global Age.  Technology has produced or changed many careers.  People change jobs seven to nine times in a lifetime do to restructuring, technology, and economic concerns.  The United States has moved from a more predictable, consistent workplace to one that is constantly forming, dismantling, and reforming to compete internationally.  Yet 30 years later, we still want to resort to the same traditional linear mindset in planning education and careers.

To succeed in our dynamic workplace, a more integrative and holistic model must be employed.  The Global job market requires that students focus on a bigger picture perspective. Now, as students you need to understand the economic and political trends that determine the job market.  The current global economic crisis has our legislators devising an economic stimulus package.  This bill will determine where the money will be spent in the next few years.  Much of the money will be geared to education, building infrastructure, health care information systems, propping up the housing market and President Obama’s intention of focusing on Green Technology. 

Now is the time to ask yourself, are the college majors and training programs that you are contemplating or pursuing fit these trends?

More importantly in what of these current emerging areas do you fit?  No longer do most Americans have the luxury of pursuing education for the sake of it.  The Global economy requires a much more targeted, planful approach to educational and career planning.  Do the research to make your education a vehicle to the job market.

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