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Career Counselor (Bellevue, Seattle) Jan Reha inteviewed by Futurist, Glen Hiemstra

Glen Hiemstra, a noted Futurist speaker and host of the Internet TV Show interviews me about careers and jobs.

In the interview, I discuss how my career counseling services (Seattle, Bellevue) assist you in identifying your career and educational goals.  After your goals are identified, I guide you in researching your local job market to determine how you best fit into the workplace.  And finally I help you develop a career and educational plan of action to bridge into your chosen job.

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"I frequently tell my clients and students to keep opening up doors--you never know what may be on the other side. Below is my personal story, which illustrates how the doors I opened in my life led to a satisfying and successful career." - Janice E. Reha

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