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Career Tips Seattle - Ways to cope with Stress During a Turbulent Job Market


During these turbulent times, fear naturally sets in and shapes our outlook.  Our anxiety causes us to generalize and pitching us into a dark, never ending pit of hopelessness. This is the time to engage in some nurturing, self-care practices.

Number 1:  Reach out to family and friends for support—let them help and support you.  Someday you will able to return the favor.  Remember when we ask to receive from others; we give them the gift of giving.

Number 2: Practice healthy activities including daily exercise—-walking is good and costs nothing and stimulate endorphins.  Walking with a friend is even better.

Number 3: Take warm baths or showers to soothe and relax your body.  Throw in some bubble bath and Epson salts which draw out tension stuck in your body.

Number 4: Develop a consistent schedule—go to sleep at the same hour each night, wake up at the same time, place your schedule time for the job search, time for exercise and down time prior for going to bed.  By creating and following a schedule, you will be taking charge of your life and learning to rely upon yourself for a structure rather than one imposed upon you.

Number 5: Breathe deeply: Inhale and count to 9, exhale counting to 4, very inexpensive way to reduce stress.

Number 6: Turn off the news; listen to some music or read a book.

Number 7: Clean out a cupboard or some drawers giving you the feeling of accomplishing something concrete.

Number 8: Do a crossword puzzle or play a mindless game.

Number 9: Eat healthy nutritious meals—vegetable, fruit, proteins to prevent lethargy.

Number 10: Be kind to yourself and give yourself credit for every task you complete. 

May you reap the fruits of your efforts!


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