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College Internships Often Lead to Jobs

Internships provide excellent access to employment for all college students.  Targeted internships help to bridge the gap from college graduation to your first full time job.

Recently Penny Loretto a writer for points out Five Tips for Find Summer Internships during Spring Break.  Ms. Loretto advises to research internship opportunities through your colleges.

Another good resource about the value of internships is posted on the University of California, Santa Barbara Career Services site:,.

You will increase your chances of obtaining a job of your choice through your internship by following these steps.

1)  First identify your career goal based upon your interests, skills, personality traits and values.  You want a job/internship to fit you.

2)  Determine the major industries in the location of your choice.  Each metropolitan area has specific industries aligned with it. For example, Seattle’s larger industries include technical and bio tech, manufacturing, retail, health care and education.

3)  Next research various companies within the industry to discover their current and future economic outlook. For example some of the companies in the tech and bio tech sector include Microsoft, Amazon, ICOS, Seattle Genetics, and Goggle; companies in manufacturing include Boeing, Paccar and in retail inclu Costco, Nordstrom, and Starbucks, in health care all of the hospitals and all of the private and public educational institutions.  Seattle also has a large non for profit sector including the Gates Foundation and Hopelink.  Refer to web sites of companies, industry publications, local newspapers and media for information.

4)  Do your research to determine which companies are most likely to hire prior to setting up internships.

5)  Refer to Ms. Loretto’s application process for internships.

If your college does not offer internships in your career choice, take the initiative to set up your own internships.  In my next blog, I will outline the process for developing your own internship.

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