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It Takes More Than a College Degree to Get a Job

Our world is changing rapidly with economic upheaval, a shift to a global job market and the largest number of unemployed people in decades. Why then, do parents continue to spend thousands of dollars providing their children with a college education without a focused end goal in sight?

Too many people graduate college with only the vague sense of wanting to have a successful career. This lack of passion, commitment or interest in a specific field will not make potential employers pay attention to them. It reminds me of that line from “Any Road” released in 2002 by from former Beatle George Harrison:
If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

Parents must shift their thinking from their experience of finding a good job to the new reality. Gone are the days when a college degree in any subject gives young adults instant entry to satisfying careers. Gone, too, are the days when employers will provide additional training to college graduates in order for them to qualify for their jobs. Why should they when there are many experienced Americans and foreign nationals with the skills they need standing in line?

In the midst of the disappointment of young graduates over their employment situation is the push from major corporations to hire talent for many critical fields from other nations. People decry the attitudes of corporate leaders. Corporate leaders are dismayed that they can’t find qualified Americans to hire. Something has to change and parents who are preparing to send their children to college play one of the most critical role in ensuring that the right changes are made.

The new reality is that college graduates must become much more focused and strategic. With the help of parents and trained counselors, students need to develop a strategy and tactics that bridge them to their career choice. A career and educational plan eliminates frustration, anxiety and loss of self-esteem, and wasted educational costs. Parents who continue to assist their young adults through the challenging phase of moving into the job market will teach them the skills of taking a more proactive approach in setting and achieving goals and the satisfaction of taking charge of their lives.

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