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Jan Reha, Career Discovery interviews Linne Pullar, Power up your Cover Letters

Jan Reha, Career Discovery interviews Linné Pullar, PPullar Productions - Power up your Cover Letters


In this first segment of three videos, I am interviewing a former client of mine, Linné Pullar.  Linne’ demonstrates the reality that people may undergo several career transitions in a lifetime. With my assistance she moved from being a programmer at Microsoft to becoming a one of their trainers. Her next more challenging move was to develop her own business, Pullar Productions. In the next video she will share her first publication, power up your cover letters.

Check out how Linné can help you write cover letters that catch the eye of your next employer.


In second segment Linné describes that the purpose of her book, power up your cover letters is to help you develop your own personal style. As Linné points out the use of cover letters spans to any professional who writes some type of proposal.  It is the first impression and therefore critical in standing out above the competition. As a career counselor, I help my clients to understand the impact of the visual presentation as “pictures speak a thousand words”.  In the next segment, Linné outlines her tools, tips and tricks that will make your cover letter stand out.


In the final segment Linné offers key points in designing your own personal cover letter.  She starts with how to construct a custom template and save it.  The way you lay out and format your cover letter creates a visually pleasing product. Next she encourages you to select a font that fits your audience.  Check her book, power up your cover letters for valuable step by step instructions for ensuring that your cover stands out from the rest.  People often ask me for recommendation of clients that I have counseled.  Linné is one of many I have assisted throughout my 35 years of career counseling.  You will find her book very useful in designing your own powerful cover letter.

Pullar Productions helps individuals and organizations produce effective communications and learning products. Purchase “Power up your Cover Letters” online.

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