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Jan Reha & Kary York Review Top Recruiter Pet-peeves

In this segment Jan Reha, Career Discovery and Kary York - Insurance Resourcing, Insurance Resourcing discuss the “Top Pet Peeves Recruiters have During an Interview.

Pet Peeve #1: Lack of Interview Preparation and Company Research
Often times, the candidate rambles and does not answer the question directly. When answering questions, focus on short and concise responses. Be ready to answer common interview questions. To prepare for common questions, visit Kary York’s Top 10 Interview Questions Video Blog.

Pet Peeve #2: Be Prepared with Multiple Copies of your Resume
The interviewer will refer to your resume and ask questions regarding your skills and previous employment. Kary York says that “They might ask why you left your last position or how your former boss would describe you. Beforehand, study your resume and prepare the skill sets you learned from each position”. Make sure you have your resume beside you just in case.

Pet Peeve #3: Ask Relevant Questions and Talk at the Right Level to the Interviewer
The interviewer will always leave room for questions at the end. A common annoyance is when the candidate will ask details about benefits or salary. Steer away from questions that do not involve the interviewer directly. Prepare a list of thoughtful questions by researching the company. If the position involves accounting, then ask procedural questions. If the position relates to sales, then ask goal oriented questions. Finally, close the interview by asking a question. This will be your tool for advancement. As Kary York mentions in the video, “Do you see any reason why we shouldn’t move forward in the process?” This shows concern for their process and gives yourself a timeframe


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