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Planning a Career After Divorce (Seattle, Bellevue, WA)

Life’s most difficult transitions can result in either debilitation or liberation.  The choice is often ours to make.  We grasp opportunities to make our lives whole and fulfilling, or we get trapped in paralyzing self-doubt, anger and fear. Divorce is one of the ultimate challenges.  Changing our habits, our expectations, our lifestyles can be traumatic even if for the best.  Decisions that must be made while on an emotional roller coaster impact our future.

1. Take Control of your Life

If you are facing or have experienced separation or divorce, you know how difficult it is to put feelings aside to make clear and definite decisions such as related to future income and career choices.  If you put aside a career for the sake of the marriage or family, you may be evaluating job opportunities.  If you maintained a career, you may be considering a change.  Perhaps, you don’t desire or require employment, but you would like to experience the satisfaction of serving on a board or volunteering in the community.

My job as a licensed career counselor is to assist you to identify the possibilities and prepare you for gratifying work that matches your personality, style, abilities, skills and objectives.  Furthermore, in divorce cases, I can provide wage information to estimate potential income from feasible career options.  Attorneys and judges use the data in their attempt to determine fair and equitable division of assets and to set amount and length of maintenance.  I also provide expert witness testimony as needed.

2. Dream a Dream and Live it

How do you prepare yourself for a career or job change?

Begin by assessing your occupational skills.  In a series of private sessions, we will review your historical education and training, social/lifestyle situation and preferences, physical condition, work history, emotional preparedness, vocational interests, work values, learning and communication styles.

Once your abilities and preferences have been identified, you’ll want to learn about career and job options suited to your strengths.  Through field research, I will help you identify training and educational programs that will help open doors to employment or advancement in your chosen area.  An occupational outlook will identify trends and opportunities within specified corporations and industries. 

The planning stage pulls together the information about you and the opportunities that lie ahead.  Together we will build a strategy for career development using the following elements:

A. Your Career Objective

B. Plan of Action

1. Training and Education as needed.

2. On-the-job Training as needed.

3. Professional contacts, referral sources, networking opportunities, support group and other resources.

4. Job selection and entry.

5. Career advancement.

C. Phase-by-phase evaluation of cost and time requirements to get you from where you are at present to your career objective.

During divorce proceedings, your career objective, Plan of Action, and time line with associated costs can facilitate the determination of settlement awards.

3. Look Forward to Each New Day

Certainly the future can be scary.  But, most frightening is the unknown.  Taking a realistic look at the possibilities that lie before you fosters confidence and expectation.  You will know your career options and learn how to evaluate them. 

Of course, obstacles exist.  Wage disparity between male and female workers still plagues our society and has made divorce financially more burdensome for many women.  A well-documented assessment and career development plan are crucial to demonstrating realistic wage expectations for a female spouse which can then be compared with income expectations for a male spouse.  The gap can be closed by divorce settlements and maintenance programs that more equitably allocate financial responsibility and awards.

4. Play an Important Role

Freedom to achieve your personal goals is your greatest asset.  Being an integral, productive member of the community stimulates awareness, builds self confidence and promotes personal growth, whether you choose employment or volunteer work.

As part of a career development plan, we can even explore the multitude of community organizations, social groups and activities which will help you feel psychologically, socially and spiritually connected.

5. Relish the Satisfaction of Accomplishment

Although separation and divorce can be a painfully frightening life transition, there are many caring professionals who can guide you through the process.  Psychologists, financial planners and career counselors often work in harmony to assure you a secure and fulfilling future.

A career development plan is a valuable road map that helps you look ahead with confidence to a given destination.  Then the process of building a career becomes its own reward as you relish the satisfaction of accomplishment.

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"I was having trouble finding a career path -- I felt I could do a lot of different things. So I did an eight-week program with Jan. Researching the background of what my ancestors have done -- creating a family career tree -- helped both professionally and personally. We identified a strong interest area in which I'm now getting licensed. Taking the tests and talking to Jan was very helpful. She was clear about informational interviewing, and figuring out what to do next. You won't exactly know what you'll get out of it, but in the end she will shed light on things about you that you didn't even know were there. ."--Mike, 27, Seattle

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