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Investing thousands of dollars in a college education without researching the job market is like jumping in a swimming pool without first being sure it is full of water. Yet, many students go off to college without deciding what they want to do with their education. For those who want to graduate college and find a good job, the time spent in job market research will pay off with the increased likelihood of a good starting salary.

Here are 10 job-hunting tips that will facilitate your entry into the current competitive job market:

1. Employ a career counselor to help identify interests, motivations, inclinations, natural talents, aptitudes, learning styles, personality traits and style, and identifying the best job

2. Identify several career options and determine the availability of jobs within the industries.

3. Conduct informational interviews with people in your career choices and check out professional organizations to research current job market information.

4. Join professional organizations and networks to develop contacts. 

5. Become Internet savvy — create a brand image and web brand by writing blogs to develop credibility in your area of specialization.

6. Develop a powerful profile to place on and other social networks. (Employers search social networks to find employees.)

7. Search the social networks in your area of specialization to find new contacts and build your industry connections.  You can also join vertical industry groups within social network websites that exposes you to group members.

8. Read national and international newspapers, business magazines, journals, and industry publications to discover trends and where money will be invested for job development.

9. Research companies to determine their corporate culture, then determine if you fit their style, values, age range, and norms.

10. Unlike the days of having one job in one company forever, in this Information Age, job hunting requires a continuous, on going, daily effort.

One of my favorite Proverb quotes is “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Parents: help your children plan their college career by researching the job market before they start studying. You will help your child succeed and get a good return on your financial investment.

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