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Young Adults who have Benefited from Career Counseling (Seattle, Bellevue, WA)

Following are several successful outcomes of young clients who engaged in my Career Assessment and Planning Program for Young Adults.

Young Client with a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

Jamie, fictious name, was in her mid to late twenties and wanted to pursue a career that offered her more challenges and opportunities. Through hard work and on her merits, Jamie obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies at the University of Washington. While attending college, she worked full time in a clerical position at a city municipality. After graduation, she attempted to find other positions that offered her more advancement opportunities. However her lack of specific, concrete skills prevented her from moving forward. Jamie came to my office recognizing that she needed more specialized training and skills to offer a future employer. She was also willing to pursue further training while working in her present job.

Young Client with a Bachelor in Liberal Arts

At the same time, I also counseled a younger woman who had obtained another general degree from a state college. I will refer to her as Michelle. Unable to find a full time position, she decided to take a year to bone up on her computer skills including completing courses in Excel, Word, and Spreadsheet Applications. When she started my career program, Michelle had researched to find part time jobs or internships. She responded to an ad that appealed to her for an entry level internship position for a small start up digital advertising company.

Young Client with Minimal College Education

Mike, alias name, and his mother attended the 1/2 Information Interview session.  Both were concerned about his job prospects.  Mike had a less than successful previous school experience due to his learning disability.  He had difficulty in ordering numbers and letters and was often placed in Special Education classes.  He was quiet, rather receptive young man and currently worked as a stock person at a local super market.  After high school he had enrolled in several college courses but was unable to complete them.  Both of his parents were well educated; however his grandfathers were both hands on workers; one grandfather was a farmer and the other a mechanic.

Young Client Who Dropped Out of College Education

I will refer to this client as Katie.  A U.S. Census Bureau Report in 2000 revealed that one in three students drop out of college. Some of the reasons were lack of financial resources, poor study skills or lack of a career direction.  Lacking a career goal, Katie did not want to spend her parent’s hard earned money on any further education.  So she quit and started working in a receptionist position.  Katie presented as a warm, outgoing young woman.  She was very dissatisfied with her current job of completing repetitious tasks and spending most of her time in front of a computer.  Her father was owned his own fishing boat.  Her mother remained in the home.  Jamie and her parents immigrated to the States in the early 90’s.  After working full time for two years, Katie was ready to return to college; however she want to find a career that excited her and offered her an adequate salary.

Each of these young people completed genograms to determine their natural and learned tendencies regarding education and careers.  They also completed the five career inventories which highlighted careers that fit them.  Then they researched several of the options to determine job outlook, salary potential and skills and experienced required for entry.  After thorough research they planned the activities and education that would lead them to obtaining a job.

Jamie’s Outcome

During her sessions, clear career/job related patterns emerged. Jamie learned that her family was very practical, hands on and concrete oriented. Her father worked in quality improvement for the naval shipyards. Her mother was a bookkeeper, took care of the family budget and enjoyed gardening. Jamie inherited her family’s more logical, linear detail tendencies. On the career inventories, she scored Very Similar to people in the Investigative, Realistic and Conventional Themes. See Holland Hexagon descriptions.

After researching both math and science oriented careers, Jamie discovered that she did not want to complete the prerequisites required by science related occupations. She was more interested in pursuing math and logic required in the computer sciences.

Next Jamie investigated various computer educational programs. After exploration she decided to complete a Bachelor’s in Applied Computing at University of Washington, Bothell. The hands on appeal of this program appealed to Jamie. She is currently completing classes part time while continue to work full time. While completing the program, Jamie intends to set up an internship with a local area company to develop contacts and work experience for her resume.

Michelle’s Outcome

Michelle on the other hand had parents who were involved in management and sales in the financial industry. Both of her parents were well educated and very achievement oriented. After tracing her parent’s tendencies and then the tendencies Jamie inherited, it became that she acquired many of these same tendencies.

In her inventories Michelle mirrored her parent’s Enterprising and leadership traits. However another clear pattern emerged separate from her parents, which was her Artistic inclination. See Holland Theme descriptions.

The career inventory results reinforced that Michelle was well suited to the new unfolding field of Internet Advertising. Recently, Michelle came to my office for a follow up session. She was ready to pursue upgrade her education to pursue a Master’s degree to prepare for advancement into management. I suggested several options and she found a 45 credit night time program culminating in a Masters in Marketing degree.

Mike’s Outcome

Mike explored various programs at the local technical college focusing on the trades.  He interviewed a person at a trade association and the directors of both electrical and plumbing programs.  He finally decided that he would be better suited to the plumbing program which would be more hands because he learned best by doing.  He is currently completing the program.  Due to the stimulus package, there will be more and more of a need for people in the trades so his future job outlook is quite good.

Katie’s Outcome

Katie’s career assessments reflected her strong Social tendencies.  Her highest interests were in the teaching and counseling fields.  Rather then deciding on one or the other, Katie has decided to combine these interests and become a school counselor.  She is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Education.  After finishing these degrees, she will continue into a Master’s program in school counseling.  Many baby boomers will soon be retiring from their jobs in education so she will be ready to enter their positions as they leave.

Each of these young adults discovered that they needed additional training or education to advance in the job market.  They qualified only for entry level jobs that offered little advancement opportunities. Each had to complete more specialized and relevant training to bridge to their respective careers.

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