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For more than 30 years I have been helping people open the doors to the work and careers that will give them the fulfilling life they desire. Career Discovery offers professional counseling for divorce, personal and corporate clients in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, and surrounding areas.

My approach will help you focus on your own motivations, interests, natural inclinations and skills—the core ideals that will help you secure your place in the 21st century workforce.

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Phase 1: Genogram - Genetic and Family Influences
In the first 4 to 5 sessions of my 10 session program I have you complete a Genogram which we discuss in depth.  Genetics and environmental factors both play important roles in career tendencies.  With this map, I gather information about your family work history to determine patterns in careers, expectations, values, beliefs that have influenced you.  Next, I take your complete educational and work history to discover which of these influences and traits you possess.

Phase 2: Career Assessment Results
During Phase Two and the next several sessions, we explore the five career inventories that assess your interests, personality traits, skills and learning style.  Several career and job options will consistently emerge that fit all of these facets in you. We then correlate these occupations with your genetic and family influences to determine options that appear to be the best “career fit”. The basic paradigm for Matching People to Jobs is the Holland Hexagon.

Phase 3: Current Job Market Outlook & Career Plan of Action
During Phase Three, you explore the local job market through informational interviews, job search engines like,, social networks like, personal acquaintances and professional networks.  After thoroughly searching each option to determine how it fits, you may discover that you need additional training or education prior to entry.

Phase 4: Staying on Career Course
Sometimes you may additional sessions to maintain your course of action. In these follow up sessions I coach you by fine tuning your job search.  My coaching consists of providing guidance on job search tactics, interviewing skills and resume writing.  Also, I help you with getting started on the new hidden job market of Social Networking.  These sessions are open ended and contingent upon your needs. 

"I was having trouble finding a career path -- I felt I could do a lot of different things. So I did an eight-week program with Jan. Researching the background of what my ancestors have done -- creating a family career tree -- helped both professionally and personally. We identified a strong interest area in which I'm now getting licensed. Taking the tests and talking to Jan was very helpful. She was clear about informational interviewing, and figuring out what to do next. You won't exactly know what you'll get out of it, but in the end she will shed light on things about you that you didn't even know were there. ."--Mike, 27, Seattle

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